Home Politics I shall defeat APC and PDP candidates in the 2023 presidential election next year Hon. Ubani.

I shall defeat APC and PDP candidates in the 2023 presidential election next year Hon. Ubani.

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Amb. Vincent Anthony Ubani said that he shall defeat APC and PDP by 2023 considering the fact they are feeding in old politicians again even when they know that the old politicians era ends with President Buhari.

Chief Ubani, reminded President Muhammadu Buhari on the part agreement between him and Nigeria youths as he said in 2018 that youth should wait for 2023 to takeover power from him and went ahead to sign the Not Too Young to Run Bill into law that brought about close to 10,000 young aspirants and candidates to contest in the 2019 general election which Amb. Vincent Anthony Ubani was the AAC Governorship candidate in the 2019 general election and also was elected as the President General Coalition of All young aspirants and candidates to be in Nigeria up to date.

Ubani, when speaking with journalist yesterday Saturday 28th May, 2022 in Abuja Nigeria after the biding meeting at the Aso Rock Villa between him and his Deputy Director General Amb. Ibrahim Usman the Game Charger of APC and some other critical stakeholders assures Nigerians that the Nigeria Youth is ready and Prepare to takeover power from President Muhammadu Buhari and in his words Ubani said he has blessings of youths students and women in Nigeria likewise he will share the APC structures to achieve his victory as 80% of the major stakeholders who works for the victory of APC second tenures is under the watch of Hon Vincent Anthony Ubani and are ready to.end the old politicians era for young era.

Ubani hereby call upon all groups leaders youths students and women leaders organizations and all NRM stakeholders to support him to come out victory and become the NRM Presidential Candidate during the primary, so we can put all our efforts together to ensure that we have joint team work to accomplish the victory for the 2023 presidential election as all critical stakeholders of Coalition of All Clergyman and Women council with Group Leaders Council of Nigeria GLCN and all organizations under the NYCSRF/ NYCN shall be meeting during our gathering coming up on the 4th of June at the Merit House Abuja Nigeria for us to plan together as one family in one mission vision and goal to end the old system for a fresh era.


Ubani also use the opportunity to invite all stakeholders to tomorrow Monday the 30th May, 2022 gathering at the NRM party office for planning and brainstorming ahead of the presidential primary.

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