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My future plan is to continue to put smiles on my faces of children- founder of Ray of Hope Humanity Foundation

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Q: Can we meet you Sir?

A: My name is Raymond Idemudia. I work in the department of Defense in the United State. I am a US army also the founder of Ray of Hope Humanity Foundation

Q: Can you tell us about the foundation?

A: The birth of the foundation has to do with my own upbringing because, I had a terrible upbringing to a point .

My father died and left us behind with our mother who was just a trader, just before he passed away my mum was transiting into another business .I am the seventh child ,i can say it categorically that all through my secondary school i was sleeping on a mat, personally before we made it official i have been doing alot behind the scenes.

Someone called me to help a child of whose mum died in an accident, i was moved ,the child as at then was 9 month old, when i saw the child was Malnourished, i contacted Doctor Dolamu ,who is one of board of directors of the group, i contacted my secondary school group that i needed a doctor immediately and she volunteered, we took the girl to federal medical centre Abeokuta, as at that time she was weighing 5.6kg the doctor said it was very bad, we started supplying food supplies to the baby and we are still continuously providing that service
On the 2nd of February the little girl was One Year Old,we took her along with other kids to Foodco to celebrate her birthday.

Actually i dont live in this country, when i came to finalize the board of directors meeting we took a trip to stella obasanjo home and we saw a case of a woman with triplet.

The mother of triplet passed away.
I went to federal medical centre to hear from the doctor who was in charge of the children, she told me they had just one feeding bottle no foodflask, no gas to boil water for the children ,on monday we officially went there we took diapers and some of their needs.

We took carton of Baby food,NAN ,and also took food for the carer.
I promised them that God willing i will continue to help them.

Q: What does this foundation focus on?

A: We are most interested in children, that’s what we want to start with ,we nurture them until when they become somebody. A day old ,we would see you through school until you can establish yourself.

We have health, we are trying to enroll the children in NHIS incase they have health issues, i have been speaking to the doctors. It’s not only bringing them up, we do empowerment because we realize not everyone wants to go school.

So children ,empowerment, and health. God willing i am trying to do same in the USA maybe we can get some medical supply to Nigeria, we are into alot.

Q: How long have you been in existence?

A: Well, officially this foundation has been in existence since december last year, but before then whatever i have been doing i have been doing it on my own,until people start clamouring ,how do we help you ,how do we support you. I have been doing it on my own for 10yrs but people say that i have to have a face and register it. I have been taking care of children on my own.

Well right now the children we focus on are in Abeokuta,but we are reaching to more children from other states, a friend of mine says ” you are putting your foundation in Abeokuta while you are from Edo state ” , Abeokuta is where i was born,i did my primary and secondary school here , i dont really care where my foundation office is. It is not about where you come from, it is about the passion.

Q: What is the future plan of this foundation?

A: Well the future plan is to put smile on the faces of children as much as you can. Imagine if i have lost plan in growing up ,there were people that supported me, I will tell you that Professor Ijiwunmi, Doctor Oyewole,Doctor Dolamu, Mrs Imelu, Magdalene Moses , I selected these people they are people of reputable character

Q: How many hospital your foundation has visited?


A: The first one was at state Hospital Ijeun, they were triplet, we went to the hospital where, they were being treated.

A: Well since december we have 4 children, but when we had no name we have done alot ,we have taken care of more than 31 children.

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